• "I love him and I wanna marry him. I just have to find a way to tell him the truth." And what do you think his response will be, Bridget? So, you’re not my wife. You’re her twin sister pretending to be her. Oh and my actual wife is dead. But hey, whatever let’s get married. GURRRL.
  • I think it’s safe to say I’m partial to Sioban. I don’t even know why exactly. It’s not like she’s a saint. But marrying your sister’s husband while pretending to be her and being so fucking naive about it? Sorry, Bridget. But, no.
  • Regardless tho, I kinda ship Henry and Bridget now. He’s knows the truth and he’s just messing with her to watch her squirm. (And I’m on the Sioban/Andrew train too. Switcheroo.)
  • That ending was underwhelming and predictable. I’ll still keep watching. But how I wish the show was better cause the cast is so good.

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Did you sleep with her husband behind her back too?

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Henry thinks Sioban is Bridget. Oh, the irony.

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oh. my. fuck.

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