30 Days of Dair


Here it is! I just finished making this 30 Days of Dair meme. Thank you to all the people who helped! Feel free to use this as it is or make changes. Enjoy!

day 1: the moment you started shipping them
day 2: favourite moment from season 1
day 3: favourite moment from season 2
day 4: favourite moment from season 3
day 5: favourite moment from season 4
day 6: favourite moment from season 5
day 7: favourite episode
day 8: a song that reminds you of them
day 9: a quote from blair about/to dan
day 10: a quote from dan about/to blair
day 11: favourite dairshipper on the show
day 12: favourite time when blair called dan “humphrey”
day 13: a moment that makes you laugh
day 14: a moment that makes you squee with happiness
day 15: whatever tickles your fancy
day 16: favourite banter/fight scene
day 17: favourite sad/angsty moment
day 18: favourite look between the two
day 19: favourite tender moment
day 20: favourite hug
day 21: favourite kiss
day 22: most underrated moment
day 23: something you wish hadn’t happened
day 24: something you want to happen
day 25: favourite parallel
day 26: favourite quote overall
day 27: favourite fanfiction
day 28: a personal headcanon
day 29: why you love them together
day 30: whatever tickles your fancy

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