That’s all. This is, as they say, the darkest timeline. Everywhere else, nay, “everywhen” else — us in the Civil War, us in Ancient Egypt, us in the swinging ’60s — we are happy.

If this theory holds, well, by the law of averages, there had to be one universe — just this one — where we don’t end up together. Here and now just happens to be it. If you think of it this way, nothing is our fault.

Because you could have loved me forever. And maybe in another universe, I let you. (x)

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The Mummy (1999)

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star wars + spaceships

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"i want to paint a masterpiece that the world will remember" (for yaybasanti​)


"i want to paint a masterpiece that the world will remember" (for yaybasanti​)

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Constance Week » day three

favourite relationship

constance + all her pesky little ducklings

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- “He’s a Gascon farm boy - promising, but raw. There’s too much at stake.
- Well, he has to prove himself sometime, so why not now?” 

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Favorite character meme

Three relationshipsJake Peralta

Santiago, before you go in there, there’s something I have to say. I’m sorry I said you were a bad partner, I was the bad partner. The truth is our job isn’t always great. I mean, sometimes it sucks. But… it sucks a little less when I get to do it with you.

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